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Cox & Kings
For 260 years, Cox & Kings, as a luxury travel company, has listened to the needs and aspirations of passionate travelers, and has consistently delivered journeys full of wonder, surprise and unforgettable moments. With Cox & Kings, travelers are immersed in the heart of the action, experiencing authentic moments on far-flung adventures across the globe.

The expertise to make it happen.
From our birthplace in India through the rest of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, our catalog of unforgettable journeys spans the world. We've got destination experts who can debate whether the best views of Iguazú Falls are on the Argentinean or Brazilian side, who can offer advice on a traditional costume for Carnevale in Venice, and who can get you to the middle of the Gobi Desert — and back again — safely, comfortably, and in a style that the explorers of old would have never dreamed possible.

After two and half centuries exploring the world, if it's out there and it's worth doing, we've done it — and we can do it for you. And when you travel with Cox & Kings, you'll reap the benefits of several lifetimes of relationships — local experts, boutique hotels, exclusive restaurants, insider experiences and unique cultural interactions that you simply cannot get elsewhere.

Your dreams, delivered
The bottom line: We use our centuries of experience to design the perfect trip— one that's full of surprises, wonder and excitement. Whether a South African safari, a Roman holiday, a Patagonian adventure or a journey to the Far East is next on your list, we'll help you fulfill your dreams as you travel effortlessly and worry free throughout the world.

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